Whereas, by act of the General Assembly of Virginia as recorded in Title 15.1, Chapter 11, Article 8, Section 15.1-486 through 15.1-498, Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the Governing Body of any county or municipality may, by ordinance, classify the territory under its jurisdiction into districts of such number, shape, and size as it may deem best suited to carry out the purpose of zoning, and in each district it may regulate the following:

101.01 The use of land, buildings, structures, and other premises for agricultural, business, industrial, residential, floodplain, and other specific uses.

101.02 The size, height, area, bulk, location, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, maintenance, razing, or removal of structures.

101.03 The areas and dimensions of land, water, and air space to be occupied by buildings, structures, and uses, and of courts, yards, and other open spaces to be left unoccupied by uses and structures, including variations in the sizes of lots based on whether a public or community water supply or sewer system is available and in use.

101.04 The excavation or mining of soil or other natural resources.



Therefore, be it ordained by the Board of Supervisors of Highland County and the Town Council, Town of Monterey, Virginia for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, or general welfare of the public and of further accomplishing the objectives of Section 15.1-427 and Title 15.1, Chapter 1, Article 8 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, that the following be adopted as the Zoning Ordinance of Highland County and the Town of Monterey, Virginia.





The Highland County-Town of Monterey Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors, and Town Council have undertaken to achieve the delicate balance between the individual property rights of their citizens and the health, safety, and general welfare of the public and accomplish the objectives of Section 15.1-427 by reasonable restrictions on those property rights. The purposes of this Ordinance are:

201.01 To provide for adequate light, air, convenience of access, and safety from fire, flood, and other dangers.

201.02 To reduce or prevent congestion in the public streets.

201.03 To facilitate the creation of a convenient, attractive, and harmonious community.

201.04 To facilitate the provision of adequate police and fire protection, disaster evacuation, civil defense, transportation, water, sewerage, flood protection, schools, parks, forests, playgrounds, recreational facilities, airports, and other public requirements.

201.05 To protect against destruction of or encroachment upon historic areas.

201.06 To protect against one or more of the following: overcrowding of land; undue density of population in relation to the community facilities existing or available; obstruction of light and air; danger and congestion in travel and transportation; or loss of life, health, or property from fire, flood, panic, or other dangers.

201.07 To encourage economic development activities that provide desirable employment and enlarge the tax base.



It is not the intent of this Ordinance to exclude any economic, racial, religious, or ethnic group from enjoyment of residence, land ownership, or tenancy within Highland County or the Town of Monterey, nor is it the intent of this Ordinance to use public powers in any way to promote the separation within Highland County or the Town of Monterey of economic, racial, religious, or ethnic groups, except as may be an incidental result of meeting the purposes outlined in Section 201, herein.

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