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General Information
A Building and/or Zoning permit is required for any new construction, alterations, additions, demolitions, accessory buildings, agricultural structures, swimming pools, signs, and any other types of construction which will improve or upgrade any property in the County of Highland or the Town of Monterey. A Zoning permit may be necessary if the use of a property changes even if construction work is not being performed. *An Erosion and Sediment permit may be required if the construction project (land-disturbing activity) will disturb over 10,000 sq.ft. of land area.

Seal Required
An architect's and/or engineer's seal is required on all drawings for assembly, educational, high hazard, institutional, hotel-motel and dormitory uses regardless of size. Other uses not listed above may require an architect's and/or engineer's seal depending on the square footage and/or height of the structure.

Information Required On Application
1. The owner's complete name, present mailing address and phone number.
2. The contractor's complete name, present mailing address, phone number, and state license number.
3. The appropriate fee, based on the total value if for renovation of existing structure, including labor and materials for building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work; or for new construction, the value is computed by building department according to square footage. Check should be made payable to County of Highland.

Accompanying Information
A Site Plan must be submitted when applying for building and/or zoning permits and must include the following:
1. Lot dimensions with property line monuments located thereon;
2. Location and size of existing and proposed structures;
3. Yard dimensions and the use of the structures;
4. Easements (private and public), water courses, fences, street names and street right-of-way lines;
5. Other information regarding abutting property as directly affects the application.

Building Plans
Submit 2 sets; one set will remain on record in the building and zoning office, the other will be stamped "approved" and returned to the owner or contractor and shall remain on the job site at all times during construction. The plan shall include:
1. A floor plan for each floor, drawn to scale.
2. A typical wall or wall section drawn to scale.
3. At least 2 elevations of the structure drawn to scale.
4. All drawings shall show the overall dimensions of the structure, the internal dimensions of each room located within the structure, and the dimensional height of the structure.
5. All rooms on the floor plan shall be labeled as to their use, i.e. bedroom, kitchen, etc.
6. All bathrooms and kitchens shall show the location of all fixtures and appliances to be installed.
7. All doors, windows, and stairways shall be sized on the drawings.

Supplemental Plans
1. Supplemental Plans may be required. Such plans would include, but are not limited to, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire sprinkler systems, and other supplemental plans as may be deemed necessary by the Building and Zoning office.
2. *Construction of a single-family residence requires an "agreement in lieu of a plan" be executed between the plan-approving authority and the owner. All other construction related land disturbing activities of over 10,000 sq.ft. area require that an "Erosion and Sediment Control Plan" be submitted and approved.

Approved Sanitary Facility
An approved Sewage Disposal System Construction Permit from the Virginia Department of Health or a letter of acceptance for the Town of Monterey for hook-up to public sewage is required.

Inspections Information
All listed inspections shall be scheduled by the Owner, Contractor(s) or owner's authorized agent. Following is a list of required inspections:
1. Building: Footings, slab, foundation, framing, insulation, drywall, chimney, firewall, fire separation wall, building final and others as necessary.
2. Plumbing: Under slab, rough-in, service lines, final and others as necessary.
3. Electrical: Under slab, rough-in, service lines, final and others as necessary.
4. Mechanical: Under slab, rough-in, gas lines, gas fireplace or logs, final and others as necessary.

Required Certificate of Occupancy
Once the final building inspection has been completed and approved, a Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued prior to any occupancy.

Highland County
Building and Zoning
P.O. Box 188
Monterey, VA 24465
Phone: 540-468-2323
Fax: 540-468-3447

Email: hilandbz@htcnet.org

Last Updated: 10/30/2003

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