Job Description

General: The EMS Chief is an employee of Highland County hired by the Highland County Board of Supervisors.  The position is supervised by the County Administrator or his/her designee, which may include the Board of Supervisors.  The EMS Chief’s job performance is reviewed quarterly during the first year of employment and annually thereafter.  The EMS Chief shall have general direction and operational control of the Highland County Emergency Medical Services Department and shall have such other duties as may be assigned or as delineated in any contract documents, including any job description.  The EMS Chief shall have and exercise all powers authorized by state law as necessary for the provision of emergency medical services within Highland County.  The EMS Chief shall coordinate staffing within the Coordinated Emergency Medical Services System for Highland County (CEMS), which includes all other authorized EMS agencies in the County, including the Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. and the Bolar Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

Job duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Serve as the head of the Highland County Emergency Medical Services Department and respond as necessary to emergency medical calls, providing advanced emergency medical services pursuant to certification held.

Coordinate Emergency Medical Services for Highland County with the Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. (HCVRS), the Highland County Volunteer Fire Department (HCVFD), the McDowell Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD), the Bolar Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD), the Bolar Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. (BVRS), the Highland County Emergency Services Coordinator, the Highland County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), and other rescue or medical personnel.

Establish such policies as are necessary for the operation of the CEMS and to maintain licensure and compliance with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Foster and promote volunteer membership in the CEMS.

Establish and maintain procedures for the recruitment, selection, retention and termination of employees and volunteer members of CEMS.

Ensure that appropriate criminal background checks and driving records are obtained for staff and volunteer applicants and incumbents (all CEMS personnel), including fingerprinting and personal descriptive information to be forwarded to the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services, the Virginia Department of Health, and the Virginia State Police’s Central Criminal Records Exchange for the purpose of obtaining state and national criminal history record information.  All authorized EMS agencies shall provide the EMS Chief with copies of criminal background checks and driving records for each of its members.

Establish and maintain an organizational structure inclusive of both volunteer and employed members and officers of CEMS.

Establish and maintain subordinate officer positions, including job descriptions, authorities, responsibilities, process for selection, and process for removal from office.

Establish programs for the general public to promote preparedness for medical emergencies.

Establish procedures to keep all CEMS equipment and vehicles in proper condition and repair.

Ensure compliance with staff and volunteer training and licensure.

Coordinate and ensure staffing to provide appropriate response times by all CEMS personnel.

Provide a monthly report to the Board of Supervisors on the number of calls answered, types of calls, whether the calls were answered by paid staff or volunteers, response times, and other pertinent information or data as requested by the Board of Supervisors.

Serve as the executive member of the EMS Advisory Board.

Implement the OEMS Standards of Excellence self-evaluation program for all EMS agencies.

Identify EMS grant opportunities, prepare draft grant program applications and submit proposals with County approval.

Serve as a Training Officer, establishing and teaching EMT classes and other EMS classes, serve as a Field Training Officer training new members, providers and students.

Use professional judgment in all matters and represent the County in a professional manner with all volunteers and in the public, news media, and with County staff.

Serve as the HIPAA Compliance Officer and the dedicated Infection Control Officer.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, specialized medical equipment and practices and procedures of emergency medical care services.

Ability to achieve a thorough knowledge of County geography.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, volunteer EMS personnel and the general public.

Ability to provide supervision and guidance to EMS career and volunteer staff.

Ability to understand and follow complex oral and written instructions and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing with county, regional, state and federal public officials, volunteers, the general public, and the news media.

The physical ability to perform the tasks of the job.

Ability to maintain control of emotional and physical reactions in stressful situations.

Ability to multi-task and manage complex issues.

Ability to prepare and manage departmental budgets.

Proficient use of EMS and office equipment, including word processing computers.

Minimum Education, Training, and Experience

High School diploma or GED.

Released as a Virginia Certified Emergency Medical Technician; ALS or Paramedic level is preferred.  At least 5 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services is preferred.

CPR and Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVOC) certifications.

Possession of or the ability to acquire Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations certification within 1 year of employment.

Possession of or the ability to acquire EMS leadership and management training, to include the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) Leadership Challenge, within 1 year of employment.

Certification as a VA EMS Education Coordinator and Field Training Officer.

Possession of an appropriate driver’s license valid in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Acceptable criminal and driving records.

Demonstrated ability to provide collaborative leadership.

Completion of NIMS 100, 200, 700, and 800 levels.


This is a salaried position.  County benefits include vacation, sick leave, health insurance and other benefits as described in County handbooks and policies.  This is at-will employment and will be subject to county personnel policies.